The association

  • Mr. André Jallet founded the association Les amis de Roc Amadour in 1971. The founding president along with Mr. Bob Menot, the president of the region’s expansion commity and Roc-Amadour’s tourist information bureau. Mr. Raymond Rongières and Mr. Claude Labarrière laid the building blocks for the renovation of this national heritage site and began the tradition of public events (preforming arts, symposiums, and conferences). Soon after Mrs. Michèle Marnac and Mr. François Larramendy began their contributions.

The association’s mission:

  • To bring Roc Amadour alive by promoting its history and culture in keeping with its reputation as being a place of both pilgrimage and the second most visited site in France.
  • To create local events that promote tourism not only for the town and surrounding areas but for the whole department of Lot.
  • To strive to develop the cultural energy of Roc-Amadour (painting and photo exhibitions, music festivals, symposiums, conferences, etc.) through the energy and efforts of our members.

According to the revised byelaws of 13 June 2009, our mission consists of:

  • The preservation of the site and monuments of Roc-Amadour.
  • The organization of cultural and educational events aimed at ensuring financial support for needed renovation and restoration.
  • To endow Roc-Amadour with the cultural, educational and any other organizational structure conforming to its expansion.

2011 General Assembly: statue, “Poet and its Muse”, by Katalin Csarnoy, offered by the members of the association of sculpture to thank Patrick de Carolis, president of the association, and his wife for their patronage of the Roc-Amadour Les Eclectiques festival for many years. During this event, Patrick de Carolis ceded his presidency of the association to Pascal Jallet. He is currently Honorary Chairman. Photo : Bernard Jamin

The numerous actions and events of each acting president

Each successive president has innovated and inspired the association in lasting ways :

  • M.André Jallet , founder, placed the first stones in the restoration of the Mayrignac le Francal church and directed the Roc Amadour and the Amadouriens in “Lumières du Temps’.
  • M.Maurice Mommejat  developed the ‘friends’ network in the area.
  • Mme Jeanne Rongières, following Monsieur Jacques Brugoux, broadened the artistic frontiers with the venue with Roc Amadour’s M.Edouard Tipton, American church organist, paving the way for the first musical performances.
  • M.Patrick de Carolis, assisted by two vice-presidents of the association, Jeanne Rongières et Janie Juillet, vice-president Francois Larramendy and supported by a network of volunteers, created the« Eclectiques » festival which, for 10 years, gave wings to Roc Amadour and brought new resonance.

For 10 years, the festival has hosted 60 world renowned artists, troops and actors.

The association’s office since 2011

General Assembly, 31 March, 2012

President: Pascal Jallet
Honorary Chairman: Patrick de Carolis
Fraternity President: in nomination
Vice-President: Anne Rongières Robin
Tresurer:  François  Rongières
Secretary: Régine Judicis
Press Secretary: Bernard Jamin

The association’s administrators:

Pascal Jallet, Recteur Ronan de Gouvello, Patrick de Carolis, Marie-José Benazet, Christiane Bouat, Philippe Dehoux, Bruno Giard, Régine Jallet, Bernard Jamin , François Larramendy, Michèle  Marnac, Jean Luc Mejecaze, Anne Rongières Robin, François Rongières.