For the past 42 years the Friends of Roc Amadour have been planning events that promote Roc Amadour, its history, heritage and culture along with the fame brought by this landmark site from religious pilgrimage. It is the second most visited site in France.

Having been nominated the fifth president of the association in 2011, my focus has been to continue with the exceptional work done by my predecessors but also to unite the Amadorians with the Amis de Roc-Amadour by working on new, socially responsible projects in which everyone can contribute in his or her own way.

We are more convinced than ever that by combining the respect of our heritage with cultural and artistic creation, we can generate hope and enthusiasm beyond the walls of our beloved city.

“Experts have a habit of making predictions based on the past and the present, but the real world is made of people who dream” Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize recipient.

Let us dream together with Roc-Amadour!

Pascal Jallet