Restoration of Matthew’s Oven

The Regional National Park of Causses du Quercy, within the framework of restoring and showcasing of this local architectural heritage, as well as providing financial and technical support, has helped the community to achieve this beautiful, historical communal oven.

    • The oven roof, originally in flagstone, was repaired and all missing or defective stones were replaced.
      • The bakery roofing was entirely redone with new framing and paneled rafters.
      • Reinforcement and consolidation of the jambs at the oven door.
      • The bakery floor was leveled and paving was laid.
      • The entry door was completely redone.

Beautiful work by M. Bergounioux de Mayrinhac Lentour. The total of the construction was 13,347.00 euros, of which 5,838.00 euros was paid by the community and 7,509.00 euros was paid by P.N.R.C.Q.

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Grand Site of Roc-Amadour Joint Committee

Syndicat mixte du grand site de RocamdourAs a reminder the joint association groups the municipality of Roc-Amadour and the General and Regional Councils. Its objective is to put the proposals of the “Plan Stratégique de Développement et de Gestion de Roc Amadour (P.S.D.G.R.)” (Strategic development and Administrative Plan for Roc Amadour) into the restructuring components for the Grand Site which include infrastructure for the reception area, renovation and the management of shifting. Local communities finance the joint committee and its operating expenses divided as follows:

  • The community of Roc-Amadour: 10%
  • The general council: 45%
  • The regional council: 45%